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Banyan Work Health Solutions is a leader in providing health management solutions for employers and insurers across Canada.

Our holistic approach to disability management, whether non-occupational or work related, goes beyond the medical diagnosis to address important factors which impact employees and prolong absences. Our national team of experts understand how mental health plays a key role in the majority of disabilities, including physical claims, and have developed programs that address these issues.

Our innovative approach and philosophy, that work is healthy, is at the forefront of all our services. Our support and guidance is designed to return employees to a healthy lifestyle, which includes work, while improving the financial health of our employer or insurer clients.

Are you an Employer?

We understand that there are many factors influencing the duration of a disability claim, whether non-occupational or work related. We know that each person will respond differently to a disability. Learn more...

Are you off work?

At Banyan we understand the challenges that can complicate a return to work following an illness or injury. Understandably your world may have shifted and you may need some assistance in knowing what forms to complete, and what your options are going forward. Learn more...

Are you an Insurer?

Banyan Work Health Solutions has been working in close partnership with disability insurers since 1995. Our consultants have expertise in all aspects of wage loss replacement benefits. Learn more...